Global Partners in Education Conference - May 2019 – Flight information.

The following information is needed so we can know if you are planning to attend the Conference in Bogotá, Colombia. If you have any questions or need assistance please email us at .

NOTE: If there will be others from your University who will be attending they will also need to fill out this information.  We must have this information in order to make the proper plans.  Please forward this link to your colleagues. Thank you.


1 First Name:

2 Last Name:

3 Email address:

4 University Name:

5 If you selected other for University Name above please enter your University Name below:

6 Date of Arrival:

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

7 Time of Arrival (24 hour time format):

8 Airline Name:

9 Flight Number (Last leg of flight):


10 Departure Date:

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

11 Time of Departure (24 hour time format):

12 Airline Name:

13 Flight Number:

14 If there is any other important information you think we should know please tell us: